25 września 2022 / September 25th, 2022

Regulations of charity program

Regulations of charity program organized during 44th Warsaw Marathon

  1. Participant has two paths to choose during application process:
    1. ordinary path – filling in the application form available on event’s website and settling the entry fee
    2. charity path – taking part in charity action #BiegamDobrze, regulated hereby.
  2. To register for the participation in the #BiegamDobrze action one shall
    1. choose “charity path” in application form
    2. choose the charity for which the money will be collected and transferred. Participant may choose from following 10 organizations: Rak’n’Roll – Win Your Life! Foundation, Amnesty International, Empowering Children Foundation, SYNAPSIS Foundation, “Premature Parents to Parents” Foundation, Spartans for Children Foundation, Polish Humanitarian Action, UNICEF Polska, NON IRON Foundation, “Saving Kids with Cancer” Foundation.
    3. fill in all required data on money raising profile (the profile will be accesible by every user of the website and through this profile users will be able to donate money for participants money raising)
    4. fill in the standard application form (declared result, additional classification, t-shirt size etc.).
  3. After complete registration, the participant shall receive an e-mail with a link to his/her individual money raising profile.
  4. Participants that will manage to collect 450 PLN on their profile until 31st of August 2022, get their starting numbers of 44th Warsaw Marathon. The organization covers then the costs of the participation in the race.
  5. Found raising of participants that will not manage to collect sum stipulated in point 4. end on 31st of August 2022. Participants that will manage to collect this sum (or more) are allowed to collect money until 5th of October 2022.
  6. Collected money, after deducting the costs of fees and provisions (connected with online payment) ale divided as follows:
    1. 90% of the sum is transferred to the account of chosen charity
    2. 10% of the collected sum of money will be dedicated to the maintenance and development of #BiegamDobrze action and the statutory purposes of Warsaw Marathon Foundation.

    The division does not depend on the amount of collected money and success or failure of aim stipulated in point 4.

  7. Participant may resign from collecting money and transfer his/her application from “charity path” to “ordinary path” by chosing that option in his/her profile at website https://rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com/. In that case already collected money are transferred to charity organization in accordance to point 6.
  8. Participants of #BiegamDobrze action shall obey the Regulations of 44th Warsaw Marathon.
  9. Only the organizer of 44th Warsaw Marathon has the right for binding and final interpretation of the Regulations. The organizer makes final decisions in matters not stipulated in these regulations.